Flores Scaled

Travel to these five islands of Indonesia

It’s almost summer vacation, so this month’s blog is all about: travel. Everyone dreams of a trip to snow-white beaches, good food and beautiful sights. Look no further, because Indonesia has it all to offer! In this blog, we discuss five Indonesian islands that are popular among travelers and who knows, maybe it will bring […]

People From Indonesia

Indo or Indonesian?

“Oh you are Indo? So you’re from Indonesia, right? Huh… but aren’t you Indonesian? Or do you call that Indian? ” If you don’t know exactly what the difference is between Indo or Indonesian, then you are far from alone! Many people use the different terms interchangeably and sometimes do not even know that there […]

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What is sustainable clothing?

Buying clothes, who doesn’t love it? We like to buy as many clothes as possible and when it’s on sale we can’t be stopped! But is this behavior actually still responsible? This is because the clothing industry is very polluting to our earth and clothing is often not made in a fair way. In this […]


Collaboration between ADUH and ‘The East’

The new Dutch film ‘De Oost’ will be released on Amazon Prime Video soon. ADUH and ‘De Oost’ have entered into a partnership for the promotion of this film about the Indonesian war of independence. We used the design of a T-shirt from ADUH’s new collection and customized it so that our visions converge. These […]

Women With Batik

What is Batik?

What is that mysterious, colorful and pattern-rich fabric called batik? Batik, beautiful fabrics with many patterns and colors that you have probably heard of. Do you also know the remarkable technique behind this type of fabric? Batik is originally a dyeing technique that applies colors to textiles. It produces a fantastic fabric that is used […]

Sustainable Clothing

Do you choose sustainable clothing?

There is so much talk about the environment, sustainable furniture, organic food, environmentally friendly energy sources and the like. You too can contribute to a better environment by choosing organic clothing from sustainable brands. We get our inspiration from the culture, nature and architecture of Indonesia. Respect is of paramount importance to us: respect for […]

Fair Clothing

Hello Fast Fashion, hello fair clothing

What, on order? Why? To explain this, we first take you into the world of fast fashion and the current clothing industry, where more and more people are questioning. Read on quickly, then it will automatically become clear to you why ADUH opts for fair clothing for a fair price!

Indonesische Drankjes

Four Indonesian drinks you must try!

Do you already imagine yourself in faraway places, with a delicious cocktail that is brought to your lounger? Above your head, the palm trees rustle in the wind and your shirt is off batik fabric flows nice and lightly around you. Waking! Unfortunately, such a holiday is not there every week and you are now […]

Blog Slow Fashion Scaled

Is slow fashion the new trend in fashion?

You know, everyone knows: not everything goes smoothly in the clothing industry! If it is not that children are often put to work in the factories, it is that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Time to change this! Or is this already happening? The answer is ‘yes’. […]