Fair Clothing

Hello Fast Fashion, hello fair clothing

ADUH produces clothing from organic cotton to your order!

What? On order? Why? To explain this, we first take you into the world of fast fashion and the current clothing industry, where more and more people are questioning. Read on quickly, then it will automatically become clear to you why ADUH opts for fair clothing for a fair price!

Fast production and as cheap as possible
Fast Fashion, it is a term for clothing production that fits well with today’s society. The ‘cheap clothing factories’ are popping up like mushrooms and the associated jeans are warmly welcomed by Western consumers! Because very honestly; you prefer to buy a shirt for ten euros rather than one for 60 euros? But is this really the case? Would this also make you so happy if you knew how fast fashion works and how it is possible that so much is offered for little?

Distressing working conditions and environmental polluter no. 2
Factories in low-wage countries have little or no employment conditions than we do in the Netherlands. Many seamstresses, who work on our jeans, therefore receive so little wages that they cannot live on them. The only solution: make extra hours. Many men and women in low-wage countries work around 60 to 80 hours a week under dangerous conditions to earn enough for their families. Not to mention the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world (the oil industry is the number 1)! It’s time to change this! But how?

Slow fashion: fair trade, innovative and inspiring
That’s where slow fashion, and therefore ADUH, comes in. The term slow fashion was coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher, professor of University Arts London. It was time to shift the focus from quantity to quality. Not as soon as possible, as much as possible. No, innovative and durable clothing of good quality. And that vision of the fashion industry is gaining more and more support. With slow fashion, waste is prevented as much as possible and you know that you buy fair clothing made from organic material, where people are not exploited.

Fair clothing made to order
Inspired by this vision of clothing production, ADUH decided to stand out in today’s industry where price fighters beat each other with the lowest prices for clothing. To combat waste and environmental pollution, ADUH produces fair trade clothing for a fair price! Organic cotton is often used to produce this sustainable clothing. And do you know what the fun is? Quality does not come at the expense of style! Because when it comes to inspiring and innovative clothing, ADUH is the place to be. Do you already opt for sustainable and fair clothing? Together we can make a difference for a better world!

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