Collaboration between ADUH and ‘The East’

The new Dutch film ‘De Oost’ will be released on Amazon Prime Video soon. ADUH and ‘De Oost’ have entered into a partnership for the promotion of this film about the Indonesian war of independence. We used the design of a T-shirt from ADUH’s new collection and customized it so that our visions converge. These shirts are used in promotional packages for the film, which are sent to online influencers who have a link with Indonesia. A wonderful collaboration for ADUH, because it ties in well with our mission to bring cultures together and share Indonesian values with the world.

Kawung shirt

We will immediately start customizing the T-shirts and ensuring that we can deliver them on time. Which T-shirt should it be? We choose it Kawung T-shirt from the new Spring / Summer collection from ADUH. The Kawung is characteristic of this T-shirt Batik icon that is embroidered on the neck. This Batik motif comes from the 13 e century and was developed on the island of Java. The motif symbolizes the hope that man will always remember his origin. Batik is not only reflected in traditional Indonesian clothing, but also in Indonesian architecture. This design breathes Indonesian culture and is therefore very appropriate for ‘De Oost’. The T-shirt has an oversized fit, a high round collar, low sleeve inserts and the brand (ADUH) is embroidered on the chest. The exclusive T-shirts for the promotional packages also have the title of the film embroidered on the shirt, below the Batik icon on the neck.

Kawung Close
Kawung icon in the neck

‘The East’

The Dutch film ‘De Oost’ tells a story about the Indonesian war of independence and is directed by Jim Taihuttu. His idea for ‘De Oost’ arose from a personal search for his ancestors. During this search he learned more and more about the Indonesian war of independence and was surprised that he had not learned more about it at school. There were also no films about it in the Netherlands and Taihuttu is changing that with this film. The War of Independence took place between 1945 and 1949 and at that time hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the Netherlands were sent to Indonesia, ‘De Oost’, to put things in order. The film follows Johan, played by Martijn Lakemeier, who as a young soldier is led by army captain Westerling. Johan soon ends up in a serious moral dilemma. He falls under the spell of his charismatic leader Westerling, but he also sees with his own eyes how the situation in Indonesia is escalating and how Westerner is mercilessly dealing with the resistance of the local residents. Who is the enemy here and who is the hero?

Have you also become interested in the story of ‘De Oost’? The film can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video from May 13, 2021. If you can’t wait for that, you can watch the trailer for the film below. And who knows, you might see our ADUH T-shirts pass by on social media. Would you also like to have such a T-shirt? The T-shirts with ‘De Oost’ are exclusive to the collaboration, but the Kawung T-shirt is now for sale in the new Spring / Summer collection of ADUH. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton and has a high quality. Take for more sustainable clothing a look at the ADUH webshop.

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