Sustainable Clothing

Do you choose sustainable clothing?

There is so much talk about the environment, sustainable furniture, organic food, environmentally friendly energy sources and the like. You too can contribute to a better environment by choosing organic clothing from sustainable brands. We get our inspiration from the culture, nature and architecture of Indonesia. Respect is of paramount importance to us: respect for people, nature, the materials, the production process, the environment. We find our inspiration mainly in batik fabric. Batik is cotton and beautiful drawings with a story.

Batik as inspiration

Batik is a very old Indonesian traditional form of fabric processing. The cotton fabric is partially treated with a water-repellent wax according to a specific pattern. The fabric is then immersed in dye. This process is repeated to create fabrics with multiple colors. This creates complex patterns, each of which has its own meaning. Batik used to be mainly done by ladies-in-waiting to achieve a high level of self-control and spiritual enlightenment. The whole process, from spinning the threads, to weaving and dyeing, is still done in the traditional way. Every color and every pattern conveys a message. Subjects that come back in the batik fabric are light and dark, death and life, healing powers, creation, the relationship between people, male and female. You will find geometric and vegetable shapes. Bee ADUH we have been inspired by this underlying meaning. We even chose our logo based on batik. Our logo is a modern variation on batik.

We go for sustainable clothing

Batik inspires us time and again to go for sustainable clothing. Cotton and color are paramount. Because of our rich collection of organic clothing, we have a wide choice of colors and items. But you can also convey a message with a single-colored garment. Our T-shirts each tell their own story. By wearing them you go along in this story. They are available in trendy and especially natural colors. Our sweaters and hoodies are a wonderful example of clothing with a story and at the same time responsible production of clothing. With us it is about nature, natural fabrics, batik figures, flowers and animals. This is clearly reflected in our garments. Will you join this story?

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