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Sustainable collection in the Indonesian style

Fashion is time-bound, so trends are often short-lived. That is why we think it is important to look at how the changing street style can be combined with the production of our sustainable clothing line. The collection is inspired by the warmth and openness of Indonesia, for which we use high-quality, organic cotton. That way you are assured of long-lasting beautiful and organic clothing, which is completely in line with today’s street style. Therefore, mix and match your favorite pants with our unique sweaters or T-shirts and complete your look with one of our matching caps.

Unique designs inspired by Indonesia

Street style is characterized by the endless combination possibilities with other styles and trends. When designing and compiling the ADUH collection, we therefore looked at how the sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, caps and totebags could be combined with each other and other clothing items. For example, it is possible to wear one of our sustainable hoodies with skinny jeans, but you can also choose to wear a matching T-shirt with baggy pants. Moreover, you achieve an authentic look at all times through the unique designs of ADUH, because they are based on the Indonesian style and are of a minimalist nature. So take a quick look at our fair clothing webshop to discover which items are indispensable in your wardrobe.

Fair fashion through organic cotton

In many cases, sustainable clothing has a different price tag, which is a reason for most to choose fast fashion instead of slow fashion. Because we are aware of this, we started looking for ways to offer affordable clothing while paying a fair price for the fabrics. This vision is therefore the starting point for our sustainable streetwear, which we are constantly working on. The high quality of the clothing is achieved by the fact that our items are made of 100% organic cotton in combination with elastane for extra stretch. This is how the ADUH collection came about, consisting of high-quality, unique designs.

What can I do myself?

A first step towards fair and slow fashion is to choose items from sustainable clothing brands, which offer you higher quality clothing and therefore guarantee more pleasure from your purchases. In addition, it helps to wash ADUH clothing at 30 degrees and to run the washing machine on an ecological setting. In any case, we have already washed the clothes from our streetwear shop once, so that you don’t have to worry about a fluffy inside. However, does your purchase appear to be in need of repair over time? Don’t throw it away, but simply repair the damage with a needle and thread to use it longer.