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We have been proud to bring cultures together since 2016

With this brand we go back to our roots. The founders are of Indian descent and are familiar with the versatile, hospitable Indian culture. Indonesian culture is warm and open. Next to it is family central, in the broadest sense of the word. Family is much more than just kinship, it is friendship, coming together and connecting. A family that you choose yourself. We want to share these values with the world through ADUH. Through clothing and lifestyle we want to connect people and show who they are inside. Our mission is to inspire people who want to rediscover their origins and express this through honest, sustainable clothing.

Woman Wearing Satu Aduh Shirt With Friends In Indonesia
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It soon became clear

Sustainability comes first

ADUH is a slow fashion brand that makes sustainability the core of our approach. The fair clothing of ADUH is made of 100% organic cotton and is produced in a responsible manner. We are proud to deliver a product that we can fully support. By choosing ADUH’s ecological clothing, you make it known that you also want to contribute to fair and sustainable production. 

Slow fashion is the way to go

How is ADUH's fair trade clothing produced?

Sustainable production is central to ADUH. We believe it is important to treat materials, the production process and the environment with respect. ADUH clothing is produced in Dakha, Bangladesh, in factories that are GOTS certified and approved by the Fair Wear Foundation. The material we use is 100% organic cotton. The production of this cotton requires less water and no chemicals. When the shirts are made, there is always leftover cotton. Throwing away is not in line with our sustainable vision and that is why these trimmings are recycled into new fashion products.