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Sustainable street style hoodies

Sweaters are suitable for every season: in summer you wear a bulan sweater as soon as twilight starts, while you wear the sweater in winter for extra warmth. Hoodies and sweaters also offer the advantage that you can wear them in combination with all kinds of different styles, which is one of our requirements. In addition, all our hoodies are made of organic cotton, so you are assured of a long-lasting beautiful and sustainable purchase. So take a look in our webshop to discover our authentic sweaters of a minimalist nature!

Hoodies over the years

Hoodies or hooded sweaters have their origins in the 12th century, but have become fashionable with the rise of the hip-hop scene. Subsequently, surfers and skaters also took over the trend in the 1990s, because the hoodie makes it possible to stand out less in a crowd and offers room for anonymity. The 21st century is now known for the fact that everyone can and may adopt their own style, so that the hoodie can be combined with various clothing items. For example, you can choose to wear streetwear hoodies at relaxing moments, but it is also certainly possible to wear the sweater over fashionable jeans. Complete the look with one of our durable caps and your street style is finished!

Minimalistic Indian design

Our designs are based on the Indian style, where we put sweaters in different models and sizes side by side to find out which design offers the most combination possibilities. In this way, the hoodies and sweaters of a minimalist nature have been created in uniform basic colors, which nevertheless radiate authenticity. It is therefore possible to wear a black hoodie as a sports outfit, laid-back look or as a fashion statement. So match the hoodie with all kinds of pants and create a unique look. In our webshop there is something for everyone, so that the street fashion of ADUH offers skaters, surfers, hip-hoppers and hoodie fans the opportunity to put together their own street style.

What criteria should a comfortable sweater meet?

When purchasing a hoodie or sweater, different conditions apply to everyone. While one person attaches great importance to the model when purchasing a sweater, such as skinny fit or oversized, it is important for the other that the sweater is wonderfully soft on the inside. In addition, it applies to us that hoodies and sweaters must be easy to combine with a variety of styles. It is also very important that the sweaters are comfortable and of high quality. For that reason, we have included all these criteria in our unique design, paying particular attention to and testing that the soft inside will not start to fluff after a x number of washes. In this way we assure you that you can actually enjoy our sustainable streetwear for a long time to come.