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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

Sustainable T-shirts with Indonesian prints

T-shirts take on more meaning when there is a story behind it. When you purchase a T-shirt at ADUH, you are assured of organic clothing in Indian style. The warmth and openness of Indonesia is reflected, among other things, in the persona bulan, a monkey, which forms the common thread in our collection. Moreover, the sustainable streetwear from ADUH can be combined with all kinds of other styles that you prefer. We offer a wide range of T-shirts, but also hoodies, sweaters and caps, so take a look at the webshop and be inspired by the special designs.

High quality organic cotton

Our T-shirts are inspired by Indonesia, where we have placed great value on authenticity and minimalism. Moreover, our entire collection is sustainable, due to the fact that the clothing is made of organic cotton. This means that the clothing meets the guidelines of fair fashion, because a fair price is paid for the fabric. With this we not only guarantee you fair trade clothing, but you can also assume that the quality and comfort of the T-shirts is high. For example, an important condition is that T-shirts have an appropriate thickness and are stitched in the right way, so that you can also enjoy a beautiful and high-quality shirt in the long term. We have also washed the shirts once, so that you no longer have to worry about possible shrinkage of the clothing item.

Premium look for every season

Most people wear a T-shirt in the summer or spring, when the temperatures rise significantly. Nevertheless, T-shirts are also very suitable for autumn and winter as an undershirt or with a blouse or cardigan over it. Because of the unique prints, this second option is definitely recommended, because that way you keep your premium look from summer into winter. However, the ADUH shirts are also functional as an undershirt, as the cotton clothing is of high quality and therefore offers softness and comfort. In addition, the shirts are longer at the bottom, so that the fabric does not creep up when you use the shirt as an undershirt.

Combination tips for T-shirts

Because T-shirts are suitable for every season, there are many possibilities to combine T-shirts with other items of clothing. For example, you create a neat look by wearing a jacket over a bulan shirt, while a leather jacket on top creates a cool outfit. It is also possible to match the ADUH T-shirts with one of our matching sustainable caps or totebags, with which you complete your street style. Another way to style your outfit is to buy the shirt a size up to wear the shirt oversized. This also offers the possibility for women to tie a knot in the shirt in the summer. Create your own style in this way with the items from our sustainable steetwear shop!